Do you need help to complete the paperwork for a visa or to draft up a perfect resume? Do you need some quick assistance to settle a traffic violation on your last vacation to Australia? Whatever the paperwork or type of correspondence may be, we can assist you.

Here is a list of administration and paperwork we have dealt with in various languages over the past few years:

▪ Paperwork for visas
▪ Drafting contracts in an array of sectors
▪ Foreign correspondence via email and telephone
▪ Applications for special events and exhibitions
▪ Proofreading resumes
▪ Acting as representatives on client’s behalf in foreign countries
▪ Dealing with legal issues
▪ Assistance with work permits in the Czech Republic
▪ Arranging nostrifications of university degrees
▪ E-shop purchases
▪ Orders and invoices
▪ Letters
▪ Presentations
▪ More…

Feel free to contact us at any time. We always have someone available to assist you.