Team-building English Seminar Summer 2017

Special Team-building English Course for Adults

Socialize with a highly trained teacher from South Africa, do fun activities, develop your skills and look at the world beyond Europe. All this in a social but competitive practice environment with prizes to win!

This intensive course for adults focuses on the practical usage of English in a combination of real live and simulated situations. Activities aim to stimulate team building, creative, social and communication skills. Our goal is to have fun and learn some useful practical things speaking only English.

Course content:

Conversation club: Your favourite topics
Workshop: Artistic Creation – if it´s not in you, it´s in the competition
Workshop: Detective vs Villain – don´t break under the tension, or you´re suspicious
Conversation club: Your favourite topics
Workshop: Indian Cuisine – What you need to know and spice experimentation
Conversation club: touring in Vietnam – sharing real experience
Orienteering Simulation: Airport – team competition, don´t miss your flight!
Conversation club: touring in South Africa – a meeting with one of the natives
Party simulation: avoid the party-pooper and mingle like a pro

Competition evaluation and prize ceremony

During the course and its various competitive team building activities, you will be scoring points and at the end of the course, scores will be calculated to determine the first, second and third prize winners. Some of the prizes include:

  • free-of-charge participation in the course
  • a dinner coupon at a posh restaurant in Brno
  • an easy to read cookbook of exotic foods in English
  • The participation fee for this exciting compact 12 hour English course is only 2200 Kč per person and includes normal refreshments. However, number of participants is limited, so don´t lose out on this great opportunity.