This is just a brief overview of CA Institute’s teaching methodology. There is a specific, highly detailed modern methodology for each specific level with goals to be reached within a set period of time, materials, prerequisites, milestones and special activities. The methodology is constantly evolving and is only used by the teachers at CA institute of Languages.

The primary element to CA Institute’s methodology is that every student is different and each individual or group of students needs a teaching syllabus that directly reflects them as a foreign language learner. Aspects we consider when assessing a student’s course:

  • Level of target language: assessed through a written test and an extensive interview with the student
  • Student background (age, job, education, schedule): this allows us to help the student to maintain a realistic and productive balance of study within their already busy lives
  • Student goals: Are students preparing for a particular exam, fulfilling work/study language requirements, preparing for a trip abroad, maintaining the level of their second language? Understanding why students are studying a 2nd language allows CA Institute instructors to map out a detailed plan of study to best attain each individual particular goal.

CA Institute of Languages certifies English language teachers through our teacher training program (TEFL/TESOL), and as such we are constantly updated on the newest teaching methodologies. We, at CA Institute, believe an eclectic teaching approach is best, combining and adjusting several methodologies to best fit each unique student. But each methodology includes these basic principles:

  • Studying should be FUN and for YOU: It has been scientifically proven that the key to success in studying a foreign language is for students to rid themselves of the mistaken idea that their progress is too slow and for students to rid themselves of the fear of speaking.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary should be presented and learned in the context of real language situations. Memorizing grammar rules and lists of words would discourage even the most determined student. Prior to a lesson, CA Institute teachers reflect on how new vocabulary and grammatical structures will further the student’s fluency and ability to communicate in the target language.
  • Language books are useful tools but not the most important element of a language lesson. We use a varied source of materials, texts, listening activities, and games to create a lesson that is engaging as well as useful.
  • Speaking is a must! CA Institute instructors endeavor to increase a student’s ability to converse in the target language (even at lower fluency levels) and strive to conduct as much of their lesson as possible in the target language.
  • The client is a valuable source in their own education and is urged to bring in articles, stories and topics which interest them.
  • A good teacher/student relationship is essential. Our teachers are always available to assist the student. In this way, the student develops a lasting friendship with the teacher and a desire to improve.

We have been very successful with our methods and we have many satisfied clients. Our methods are good for the total beginner and for the most advanced student. You will be happy with the progress you are making because it will be specially tailored to you and your goals.