Methodology CA KiDS

CA Kids Methodology

Children are amazing language learners and the younger they begin learning a 2nd, or even a 3rd language, the easier it is for them to absorb and use that language. The teaching methodology for children is greatly varied and CA Institute of Languages uses a combination of several methods to achieve the best results. Children at varying ages and developmental levels have different language learning needs and require a slightly altered approach, but CA Institute of Languages and its teachers are committed to making our lessons FUN as well as instructive.

Toddlers and Pre-schoolers: Children at this stage in their development are language sponges and often learn the target language at a staggering speed. The instructors provide a safe and fun environment in which the children can explore and develop their motor and social skills alongside their language skills. Play is the central element of these classes, as teachers use games and songs to teach basic vocabulary such as colors and numbers. All classroom interaction is conducted in the target language and the children learn naturally, from their desire to communicate, to understand and respond in their 2nd language.

Children and teens: Teaching methodologies for this age group is conducted in much the same way as the toddlers, but with a bit more structure and focus on developing competent language skills. Language exercises, both written and oral, are threaded together with periods of play to keep the students active and interested. As the children get older, the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary are taught in increasingly structured lessons. But CA Institute’s ethos that learning a language should be FUN is always present in our lessons.

We, at CA Institute of Languages, understand that children’s learning process differs greatly from that of teenagers and adults and that one cannot simply transplant a lesson for adults into a younger setting. Teaching children offers its own rewards and challenges and must be approached with a sense of play and patience.