Some reflections from the courses:

William T.
End of course reflection: December 13, 2013
The TEFL course has been a very valuable exercise. As I launch into the next phase of my ever changing career path I found it challenging and at the same time exhilarating to be back in the classroom working with this subject matter. In my previous careers as an engineer and engineering manager, English was always an important and necessary tool to insure projects and production tasks were communicated effectively and on time. 

So you can imagine my stress factor when I found myself not only getting up to the pace required for efficient class production, but in some cases recalling the basic lessons that I had been drilled on 50+ Years ago. I learned to be agile and flexible, or in the words Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway (played by Clint Eastwood in the movie Heartbreak Ridge): Adapt, Overcome Survive! Therefore I found the writing assignments of get value to practice delivering content, context and strategies. While at times I felt overwhelmed, I found the course and exercises to be valuable and rewarding.

I recommend this course to other people including teachers and technical trainers. This is a great way to get a fell for the field of ESL/EFL. The practicum hours are very beneficial for experimenting on classroom technique in a controlled environment.

Klara C.
End of course reflection: December 13, 2013
The most valuable information I gained through the course was teaching Czech in English. I realized that knowing the language and teaching the language are two completely different things. It helped me to gain insight what it is like for a native English speaker to teach English. I was also given the opportunity to work with children, who I am not used to work with, and I must say it was a valuable experience. From theoretical point of view I appreciate especially all the Ice-breakers we were presented. I also improved in lesson planning, and in understanding different students´needs. 

All the materials were very helpful, especially the book is well written and clearly and logically organized. I would prefer a textbook as such, because having only the pdf file makes work with the book rather difficult. But I printed it out, and the problem was solved..

I would recommend the course to a friend but I would not try to push them to on-site course if they were already teaching. It is highly time consuming and most of the information presented are already known to them. I would recommend on-site course to all beginning teachers because some experiences are nontransferable and can´t be found in the book (or any book). Also the practicum is essential to gain some experience with teaching and gain confidence in this field.

Generally I enjoyed the course, I appreciate every little thing I learned, especially the practical ones.

Lenka E.
End of course reflection: December 13, 2013
I found the grammar section most valuable. It was challenge to revise what I already forgot and didn´t practice for a long time.
 Another aspect- I had the possibility to see different teachers, materials and I could compare my teaching to others. 
I didn´t know how to teach grammar because I did not have experience with it. I taught grammar at primary school in the Czech Republic. I also studied lots of vocab differences between US and British English. 
All the material were helpful. I learned how to use different kinds of textbooks and websites.
I didn´t know how to teach reading and listening properly- it was very valuable and I have already started to use it in my lessons.
In my opinion I am happy I had this experience with this course. I met new people and got the best from what I liked from each of them. I would recommend future students to take this course in the case they don´t work or have a part time job. I didn´t like so many assignments. I would rather more do practicing. 

Petra O.
End of course reflection: August 14, 2013
The two most valuable things were the practicum and experience of the teachers. The practice both in a TEFL class and with real students gave me the most, it was a really good preparation for the final presentation. And when we discussed the theoretical topics, the teachers were always able to connect them to practice. 
I thing that the grammar and the strategies for lesson plans were the most useful themes of the course. 
It was an intense month, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The materials met my expectations, I plan to use them later in my career as well. 
One of the most useful things I’ve learned was how to reduce the teacher talking time and why it is really important.
I would definitely recommend taking the on-site course rather than on-line course, when they have the chance. The contact with other students and teachers – sharing ideas, getting feedback – it is really beneficial. 
I would recommend this course to everybody who is interested in teaching English – or even teaching in general.

Agatha A.
End of course reflection: August 14, 2013
The course covered topics needed to teach English as a second language. The course materials were informative and educative. They were constructed to meet expectations and am hoping that it will be reviewed yearly to meet discoveries.
I learnt a lot of grammar, its forms and usage. Teaching techniques and different methodology. It brought a lot to limelight.
 I will encourage students to take the on site course, there is more to learn from the instructors and extra resources were provided.
I will recommend this course to my friends and different people I will meet as I practice.
Thank you TEFL team.

Deanna M.
End of course reflection: August 14, 2013
I recall the instructions for teaching
reading/listening/speaking/writing were extremely helpful. For beginning teachers, having a step-by-step guide to follow is very clear. Additionally, being aware and talking about the different learning styles was very useful.
The three main themes of the course, I think, were the PPP lesson plan, reviewing English grammar, and how to be an effective teacher.
I thought this TEFL training course was very valuable. The materials and lessons were well constructed, and the instructors were very informative. Even as a native English speaker, there was a lot of value in learning how to teach the language, as it’s more complicated than just knowing how to speak it.
Taking an on-site course was fun and engaging, and provided lots of opportunities to experience new things and network with new people. I would definitely recommend this course to young adults who are interested in ESL/EFL training.

Ivana M.
End of course reflection: August 14, 2013

The two major facts from the course that I really found valuable to is how to organize a lesson and how to teach reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary.
 I also appreciated that we had a lot of teaching materials at our disposal, we could copy them. It was also useful to share interesting teaching websites and game activities with our teachers and colleagues.

The main themes or most useful themes of the course.
The most useful for me is to know how to teach reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary and to know the structure of each lesson.

Give your opinion of the TEFL training course

I liked the second week when we started to discuss how to teach skills and write our lesson plans because it was practical. I studied English and French philology and I specialized in linguistics, so I did not need much grammar to practice but anyway, I enjoyed grammar lessons.

What did you learn about English language teaching that you didn’t already know? 
I learned how to teach the skills. It is the most important thing. We shared teaching games and activities and it was useful. 

Did you find that the materials were well constructed and met your expectations?
Materials were all right.

I would inform everyone in detail about how the course is structured and what they will do. I would recommend it only to people who have no experience in teaching and no knowledge about teaching. And to people who really want to teach in the future.

Jarmila M.
End of course reflection: August 14, 2013
Our course was really beneficial. I found a lot of new information. I got good tips for teaching and preparing of the lessons. The environment was cooperating and teachers supported our education. Practicum hours with kids and adults were very useful. I liked the TEFL course very much.

Pavla J.
End of course reflection: July 11, 2013
This course has been really valuable for me, because I have learned what are my strong and weak sides as a teacher. One major fact for me was that I need to slow down my speaking and another one was that I always need to keep in mind the level of my students and that I have to speak and prepare all the activities according to their level. 

As the main themes of the course I see the emphasis on individual, patient approach to students, emphasis on communication, emphasis on lowering the students´ affective filter and also the emphasis on functional approach to teaching grammar. The materials were very well constructed and helpful, well organized and they helped me a lot while writing my assignments and creating my final project. I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher and I have fulfilled my goal which was to stop being shy in front of the class and to get self-confidence as a teacher. I went to this course to become a better, organized and self-confident teacher and I think it helped me a lot. I had some ideas and concepts about teaching in my head before and I have learned that not all of them were useful. 

I think that the TEFL training course is a great way how to get knowledge and experience at the same time. I have always imagined that it would be quite difficult for me to teach English, but now I see that it is actually a lot of fun! It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend this course to a friend, because I think it is a very good thing which can help you in many ways with your teaching style and approach.

Caroline A. 
End of course reflection: July 11, 2013
As I reflect on this course I feel that it is a great experience. As a student and a teacher this course helped me in many areas. I feel that this will be beneficial for me in the future in many ways. This course taught me to be more diverse, more open-minded along with teaching me how to be an effective EFL teacher. My instructors were great leaders and mentors. They prepared me very well for what to expect and were very positive. The materials were very well instructed and exceeded my expectations of the course. I would only have positive and great things to say about this whole experience. I would recommend this course to all my friends, especially those who are interested in teaching. Not only was my experience with the TEFL program phenomenal but so was my stay her in Brno, Czech Republic. Coming from the States I was worried that I would not have support to succeed well in this course. However from day 1 of my stay here all I received was support, hospitality, and a great welcoming, from all the staff and my instructors here at the TEFL institute. I find the whole course to be valuable. It taught many important things to expect as a EFL teacher. It went very well into detail about grammar, lesson plans, and different teaching methods. I find that this is all helpful and going to be to great use in the future. I would recommend everyone to experience this if they were able to have the same experience that I did coming to the TEFL institute in Brno, Czech Republic.

Karee G.
End of course reflection: January 30, 2013
Throughout the TEFL course we learned a lot of things, but the two most important items that I learned, were the PPP structure, and the break down of tenses and various grammar points. The PPP structure was not entirely new, as I had a somewhat unconscious knowledge of this concept; however, gaining a conscious knowledge of this concept helps me to use it more effectively and design more effective lesson plans. The same is true of grammar. As a native speaker I am able to use the tenses correctly and easily; however, a conscious knowledge of the tenses will help me to be a more effective teacher for my students.

The TEFL course focused on two main subjects: how to teach, and the breakdown of then English language. Though I had a relatively extensive background in both of these topics, the course helped to focus my knowledge more specifically to the needs of my students. The course not only taught me about these concepts, but gave me practice teaching them. This increased my knowledge and built confidence as a teacher.

I feel TEFL course has prepared me to be an English teacher. It provides both knowledge and practice in teaching and the English language that is invaluable to a teacher. The TEFL course a toolbox for teaching. I feel confident and prepared to find jobs and begin teaching on my own.

I specifically enjoyed my experience in the Czech Republic. The staff is knowledgable, kind, organized, and helpful. They are more than teachers, they are mentors and friends. Because of their hard work, this course has been exactly what I needed and expected. Furthermore, taking the course on site in a non English speaking country has provided practical experience to fully prepare me for teaching EFL anywhere. I would recommend that any of my friends take the course here in the Czech Republic.

Felippe F.
End of course reflection: January 30, 2013
Overall, my experience here at TEFL Institute Brno has been unique. All personal is wonderful, supported and friendly. They really made me feel home.
The course material, concerning the Course book is nice, pretty self-explanatory and the Practicum book kind as well. But most of the answers to the quizzes in the Workbook were tricky or doubled or even complementary, usually allowing more than 1 right answer in questions where only 1 correct answer was expected.
Apart from that, that’s not much to add to my opinions. The course is very well prepared, gives a good notion about how to teach, the grammar topics (my most concerned subject since I’m a non-native speaker) could be a little more detailed but did well. One thing I didn’t know and the course helped me a lot is to prepare an assessment. Some times people back in Brazil asked me to prepare something and I couldn’t do, but now it’s past.
TEFL Professional Course was by far, my most right choice in my entire career as an EFL Teacher.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Jana V.
End of course reflection: December 12, 2012
The TEFL Course was definitely the best decision I have ever made. The TEFL Course met all my needs and helped me to improve my teacher´s quality. I would like to say “thank you” to the wonderful teachers here in Brno: Erik Dostal and Nicole Schwab. I would recommend the CA School in Brno (Czech Republic) for its friendly atmosphere. I am really looking forward to starting a job as a Teacher of English. TEFL brings you one step ahead and makes your dream comes true.

Nicole E. December 12, 2012
End of course reflection:

The TEFL course definitely fulfilled all my expectations. I think that it was probably the best course regarding teaching EFL students that I have ever taken. Our teachers Erik Dostal and Nicole Schwab, were outstanding and well versed in all aspects. I will recommend the TEFL course in the CA school Brno to anyone who is interested in improving his professional teaching skills. The whole CA School staff was always helpful and friendly ,providing the best learning environment.

Jana V. November 30, 2012
Mid-course evaluation:

Taking the TEFL Course was the best choice I have ever made. My knowledge of teaching EFL has improved immensely. I can definitely recommend the CA School in Brno (Czech Republic). The TEFL instructors in Brno, Erik Dostal and Nicole Schwab, are outstanding! The TEFL classes are perfectly organized. I will be able to teach English all over the world because with TEFL you are always one step ahead. The TEFL Course definitely met my needs.

Nicole E. November 30, 2012
Mid-course evaluation:

I am very glad that I had chosen to do my TEFL course at the CA school in Brno. I find the whole TEFL course extremely good. My both teachers, Erik Dostal and Nicole Schwab, are always well prepared and ready to answer all my inquiring questions. I can say the TEFL has certainly given me the most valuable information for teaching EFL so far. I would definitely recommend the TEFL course at the CA school in the Czech republic to anyone.

Adam J. September 19, 2012
End of course reflection:

After taking a linguistics class in college, I decided that I too might want to embark on a quest to see the world and making a living teaching English in other countries. This brought me here to the Czech Republic TEFL Institute course, and into the care of the very providing staff at the CA School. Now that the course is over, I feel that I am adequately equipped to start my teaching career.

The most important thing I learned from the course was the division of the language skills, and how to teach each one effectively. It revealed to me the many different ways necessary for teaching English to different students, whereas my own personal preference might take on only a certain way. Now I feel as if I can be more adaptable to student needs, and the various ways of learning the language.

Going through all of the grammar in focus helped me a great deal as well. In my previous learning about the English language, we focused on much more detailed points such as the various clauses. While I knew already how to form the different tenses, thinking about how to explain them to a non-native speaker revealed to me the challenges I will encounter.

I think that the main themes that I learned in this class are how to simplify speech to convey ideas more clearly as well as how to notice and correct mistakes. Through my practicum hours I encountered many difficulties getting stuck on a specific term or grammar point that I needed to work through by explaining things in many different ways so that the student could grasp whatever it was being taught. I also realized that while students make a lot of mistakes, there are proper ways to correct them as well as proper times.

I felt that the class was well constructed and went through in detail the methods and difficulties behind teaching. The course went at a very fast pace, which was a bit bewildering at certain times, but the teachers were patient and went through everything as much as we needed. I had expected that we would go more thoroughly into the grammar of the English language, but I am not disappointed since I realize now that an L2 learner does not have much use for such dissections.

The thing about the English language that most surprised me was the many different usages of the 12 tenses. Although I was familiar with all of their formations, the actual significance of them in various contexts caught me off guard. Although they usually refer to certain time frames, that often changes, and they often refer to time frames outside of their prescribed past, present, or future.

Future students should know that an on-site course is extremely helpful towards gaining experience as an EFL teacher. If I had taken a course in the US I think that I would have been quite unprepared and might have gotten discouraged from teaching. Now with experience and guidance through a foreign land, I feel that I will be able to adapt to living in another country.

I would recommend this course to anyone with an adventurous enough spirit and a strong will. It took a lot of hard work to get through this, but I feel the rewards are beyond its worth. With a TEFL certificate I now have a foot in the door in any country that I might consider working in, and feel that my future is bright and open to new experiences.

Tony R. September 19, 2012
End of course reflection:

Overall, the TEFL course was amazing. In addition to the curriculum, the instructors were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and entertaining. I am very happy that I selected Brno and not Prague. I would recommend this program to anybody who is considering teaching abroad or just looking for something new. It was a great way to spend the last month and I am very appreciative of the staff who helped made this happen. Thank you Erik, Nicole, and Marketa for all that you have done!

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Melissa W. September 19, 2012
End of course reflection:

One of the best materials I’ve received from the course are the PPP lesson plans. This format has helped me greatly when I created my own lesson plans. I also really valued the required practicum. I can honestly say that I learned more from the 20 hours of practicum that all the time I spent in the classroom. Overall, I think the materials were very good. My only complaint is that there were some typos in some of the quizzes created by TEFL and that they should be corrected.

I already knew that English grammar can be difficult to learn, but I never truly understood that claim until taking this course. This theme was stressed and the themes of simplifying your language and introducing new concepts using the grammar approach has greatly helped me.
I really enjoyed the TEFL training course. I would tell future students to be patient with your students and do not become discouraged if you struggle in the beginning. I would recommend this course to a friend because it is a great course and it provides the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tony R. September 6, 2012
Mid-course evaluation:

The TEFL course has been extremely helpful thus far. I come from a teaching background and this course has still been useful in teaching me different aspects of the English language that I had never been taught before.

In addition to the great school and facilities, the teachers have been helpful and hospitable in every way. Erik has helped me adjust to the city and has really made me feel comfortable with my new surroundings. I consider him to be not just my teacher, but a friend as well. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Melissa W. September 6, 2012
Both instructors are excellent, know what they are doing, and are passionate about teaching EFL. Both are very helpful and have given me a great deal of advice.

Marketa B. August 15, 2012
End of course reflection:

I think that the course in general was really awesome. I highly appreciate the attitude of Nicole and Eric, both of them are very friendly and helpful. The most important thing the course gave me is the fact that I feel more comfortable to come up in front of the class and teach.
Basically all themes we went through during the course were useful. It was a lot of information at once, but I’m sure that it will pay off. It is wonderful that the course covered teaching all four language skills, vocabulary and grammar.

In my opinion, the TEFL course is greatly organized and designed, the materials are well-arrangened and everything is thought to the smallest detail. I would definitely recommend the course to my friends as it is a wonderful experience. Not only that you learn a lot, but you also meet great new people and have a lot of fun.

Daniela S. August 15, 2012
End of course reflection:

The course is valuable for many reasons. First of all I appreciated the friendly and open minded approach. The teachers showed many examples and they are very flexible and kind. They were ready to help us with anything we did not feel familiar enough with. If something hard occurred they cared about us to explain it in the simplest and most understandable way as possible. I like my improvement that I have made using plenty of tools for teaching. Sometimes it was demanding but it was worth it. I would recomend this course to everyone who wants to teach English. Thank you very much for this experience.

Mary N. August 15, 2012
End of course reflection:

I can’t believe how much I learned during the course! Before I could not imagine teaching a class. Now I can envision myself doing this (relatively) easily. I am equipped with all the tools I need, thanks to Erik and Nicole. I seriously can’t thank them enough.

The fact that we had to do so much teaching in class really helped us all a lot. The PPP method also ruuuules, generally. Having this method drilled into my head and being forced to reproduce it was one of the best things that could ever have happened to me. Furthermore, I am beyond glad that I dropped out of my education program after one course, during college. I learned more in 5 minutes of TEFL course than I did in my university education class.

I do actually recommend this course to my friends. Furthermore, I could not believe that someone could do an online version of this.. Well, I guess it’s possible, but it does not give one the valuable real life experience that I had.

Our textbook was excellent and it will continue to be an asset throughout my life. Through the on-site course, I worked with so many different EFL books. Now I feel very familiar with materials used by language teachers. Teaching is not easy!! It’s incredibly complicated. But I feel like now I know this method by heart, even if it will take me a while to reproduce it to the fullest potential.

I also found it very helpful for the Czech girls to be forced to each me a Czech lesson. If they could put themselves in my shoes, they should realize that they did not follow the PPP method generally. On the whole, it is a good experience… being made to teach your native language to non-native speakers.

My teachers were excellent models. They taught us lessons using the PPP method, so in essence we were learning inductively. I like to write down what my teachers do in class, even though it looks like I am never paying attention. I guess there is not much else to say that Erik and Nicole (in Brno) are totally awesome. yoooooooooo

Daniela S. August 3, 2012

I appreciate this course for many reasons. First of all the teachers are professional and kind at the same time. They motivate me and I am inspired to teach. The lessons are deep and varied and are always interesting. It is wonderful challenge to practice teaching in the practicum. It would be great to have more than 20 hours of practicum instead of theory in the classroom.
Thank you

Marketa B. August 3, 2012

Both instructors, Erik and Nicole, are really wonderful. I’ve learnt so much from them and I’m looking forward to the next two weeks. It is great to see that both instructors love their jobs, it makes me even more comfortable and interest in the course. I’m really happy that I’ve decided to take the TEFL course in Brno.

Nadia S. June 4, 2012
End of course reflection:

First-providing students with practicum hours is an excellent way to really assess what it is like to teach students. Some of the reasons are:
1-A unique experience being able to visit clients at their place of business and as well teaching in a classroom environment.
2-Being exposed to teaching all levels, beginners, intermediate and advance.
3-Hands on practice in preparing lessons for each class.
4-Feedback from the instructors on areas of improvement.
5-Finding out what works for each student.

Second-guidance from our instructors. Providing us with many opportunities to teach grammar and providing feedback, showing us the most efficient way to help students to understand. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced having been in their fields for over 10 years. They have been able to provide excellent feedback on how to evaluate students. The material was well constructed. We were able to get through it all in a short amount of time. The quiz taken for each module was a great way to help students remember the course material. The instructors provided ample games and articles that showed how grammar and vocabulary can be learned in context. Using songs, creating activities and watching some TV series helped us to see the many ways we can teach our students. Receiving guidance instructors is priceless.

The main theme is to take advantage of what has been provided to you. Having as many practicum hours as you can will give you the best insight into teaching English as a foreign language. This prospect is by far the best reason to take the course. You are able to see just what it takes to become an English teacher. It helps you to prepare for when you do become a teacher. You are exposed to time management since you will need to consider the amount of time needed for travelling, preparing lessons and so on. While there are many exercise books available to help you build each of your lesson, it still will take some time to build upon each lesson if you are just starting out.
It was nice to learn the history of the English language, most of which I never knew. Reading about the different approaches that were used to teach non-native speakers English was also very interesting. And as well the classroom setting that works best for students. The onsite course is a great way to get your certificate and at the same time some practice by teaching students of all levels. There is no comparison. It was an awesome experience that I otherwise would not have had if I just signed up for the online course. I was able to see Brno and surrounding sights. It’s location is in proximity to Vienna and Prague. They can be reached by car, train or bus within two hours. Brno is a beautiful city and I recommend that you come earlier or stay a bit longer to that you can visit all the attractions and take in the history and architecture. The instructors are very kind and accommodating and willing to help. It would be great to have a guide to show you around but not necessary. Everything is easily accessible. The trams are conveniently located, there are night buses and the institute is located right in the center of Brno. I would certainly recommend taking the onsite course to my friends and colleagues. It was an experience of a lifetime.

KD June 4, 2012
End of course reflection:

TEFL Institute Czech Republic was an amazing experience. I have acquired so many skills and feel very prepared to start my career as an EFL teacher. The course was a little over three weeks long and VERY intensive. Luckily, I was organized and prepared for the lectures.

I’d always considered myself a “grammar buff” but found the refresher courses challenging yet fun. The funniest thing is that after a day of lecture, I’d sit in my flat studying the coursework and find myself dissecting the lyrics of the song playing in the background. My favorite lesson would have to be the one on the history of the English Language. I was surprised by the various roots and origins of many words. The historical content of it all was interesting as well.

I really found the practicum hours helpful. Even though you think you know the information that you have read in a book, applying that information in real life can be a bit difficult. We had the opportunity to have training with REAL Czech students (off site).

I would recommend this class to others. Although it is offered online, I think that the face to face experience in Brno helps to solidify the reality that you will be teaching non-native speakers. Being in the Czech Republic is an instant immersion and foreshadows what your possible future could be like. The staff and teachers were helpful and very knowledgeable. If a friend told me today that they were wanting to go to Brno to study with the TEFL institute, I’d respond, “Do it!”.

Nadia S. May 17, 2012

Practicum excercises have been absolutely great. We have had geat opportunities in receiving hands-on training. We visited business establishments and surrounding areas we would not otherwise have had a chance to see. Eric has been very kind and accomodating. Without him, we would not have had so many hands-on, real life opportunities to teach such a wide variety of students. We have had practicums teaching a wide range of adults and children. He is very knowledgeable and does everything to help us when we need clarification on certain topics. Nicole really takes the time to explain the theories from the text and she is very good at providing examples. We went on a few practicums with her and found it adventurous taking the bus back to the center of Brno. It gave me an opportunity to understand the life of an english teacher living in Brno. Brno is a great city and our teachers made it even more special.

Kisha C. May 17, 2012

The instructors are very knowledgeable and have given us the opportunity to do off-site practicum and real-life applications. We have finished our 20 weeks of practicum before the end of the second week and the instructors have let us do as many as we wish. The rapport between the clients and the staff and the student is amazing and I hope to become as successful teaching TEFL. I recommend this course AND the location to everyone.