CA Institute of Languages are proud to be an accredited member of Eaquals (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services).

Eaquals is the world leader in accreditation for language teaching organizations. Eaquals accreditation is the gold standard for language centers and a highly respected badge of excellence. Eaquals has been accrediting and enhancing quality language education since its foundation in 1991. Only language teaching institutions that have undergone inspection and have been accredited may use the Accredited Members’ logo. Accreditation by Eaquals is the primary means by which providers of language courses can demonstrate their compliance with high international standards designed specifically for language learning services.

“CA Institute of Languages was inspected by Eaquals in March 2015 and met the high standards required for Eaquals accreditation. The teaching, the course programmes, as well as the course organisation, the learning resources, testing and evaluation were all judged to be of high quality. It was found that the institution takes great care to protect the welfare of its clients and staff, and all publicity materials produced by the institution are accurate and truthful.”

The Eaquals Charters can be read here.

CA Institute of Languages is also a certified member of AJŠ which is the Association for Quality Language Schools in the Czech Republic.

Here are a few of our certificates: