Using Mind Maps in the Classroom

It is important for teachers to apply as many different methods and approaches in the L2 learning experience as they can. Map maps and mind mapping are only a few of the many alternatives available to teachers for today’s modern classroom. They can be an alternative to course books, which do not appeal to certain learners. Using course books may not serve some learners well, especially those who have problems dealing with heavy text-based materials. Teachers can stimulate the L2 learning process by creating a collaborative and positive learning experience. Using mind maps in language learning helps to create that meaningful and positive L2 learning experience.

Mind maps can support the fundamentals of any positive learning/teaching experience, and they are an alternative to traditional methods. Students and teachers get the opportunity to grow and develop together in the L2 learning process.

In this webinar, participants will get:

20 reasons why mind maps are effective L2 learning tools
On-hands experience with mind mapping
Several mind maps that they can effectively use in their English classroom.