The new manager – ways of learning, ways of being

“webinar with Liam Brown for IATEFL LAMSIG

The challenges of the teacher-to-new-manager journey are well mapped. What
is less well developed or discussed are the human dimensions involved, the
value and importance of prior personal experience and our capacity to think
about and through our feelings about the experience.

This hour-long webinar discusses these dimensions and also investigates
the ways in which new and developing managers can learn how to be “effective”

The focus narrows to two important responsibilities – managing the team
and managing the context or the boundaries within which the team resides.
How well are the relationships developed inside, outside and beyond the
team and how well is the manager aware of the competitive environment to
ensure that the team – teachers, support staff, administrators – understand
and can work to the school agenda?

Lastly we look at the implications of surveys which have identified ‘managing
change’ as the key skills gap in managers (learning professionals, CIPD)
and the biggest challenge managers face (managers, GoodPractice).

Liam Brown is Learning and Development Manager, English and Examinations
Strategic Business Unit at the British Council.

Liam is an experienced manager, trainer, speaker and writer working on achieving
excellence in communication at work, collaborative learning and people-friendly
people management. Liam has worked extensively in Europe, Asia, The Middle
East and UK within the private and not for profit sector. He is based in
Rabat, Morocco