2nd Workshop on Metaphor Variation in Englishes Around the World – Pottsdam, Germany

Even though congruency between conceptual metaphor studies and World Englishes can today be regarded as incontestable, these two areas of studies have paved independent paths in linguistic research for quite a long time. While cognitive-linguistic studies had long ignored cross-cultural variation in metaphor (cf. Wolf, 1994, for an early critique to conceptual metaphor theory on this issue), World Englishes – where within-language variation is, of course, the core theme – mainly focused on certain overt linguistic phenomena. Thus, variation in phonology, morphology, and syntax, for instance, has been comprehensively described (Mesthrie & Bhatt, 2008), but almost no attention to differences in cultural conceptualizations (Sharifian, 2011) was given. However, a considerable amount of research has countered the abovementioned tendencies by taking the usage-based approach to linguistic investigations (Geeraerts, 2003) seriously into account through the analysis of conceptual variation within World Englishes (e.g., Wolf & Polzenhagen, 2009).

Keynote speaker:

Prof Dr Farzad Sharifian, Monash University, Australia
\’Metaphor Variation in World Englishes: A Cultural Linguistics Perspective\’