We have two groups of teens with separate goals. The first group, young teens, take courses to help them in school as well as for a fun extracurricular activity. The second, older teens, most often take courses to get themselves primed up for the “Maturita” or the high school leaving exams.

We mix the young teens into small groups with a maximum size of 10. Their program consists of fun activities which stimulates an ever growing interest in foreign languages.

The older teens have to pass the “Maturita” in English and our courses help them to prepare for it. They will reach at least a B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and they will be fully prepared for all three parts of the “Maturita”. They receive practice tests, any new information about the test and out of class support from our teachers.

Both groups of teens also take part in CA Institute events such as movie nights and holiday parties like Halloween and Christmas.

Full Package:

***Group courses at 60 minutes each: 25 lessons for only 5,250 CZK
*** One to one (1:1) at 60 minutes each: 18 lessons for only 10,170 CZK

Mini Package:

***Group courses at 60 minutes each: 10 lessons for only 2,100 CZK
***One to one (1:1) at 60 minutes each: 10 lessons for only 5,650 CZK